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What Exactly Is Domestic Violence?

Under the laws of the state of California, Domestic Violence is considered to be the criminal act of an individual against someone in a specific familial or intimate relationship such as their: spouse, former spouse, a roommate, former roommate (cohabitant), a person with whom the accused has a child-in-common or a person with whom they are in a dating relationship with.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Not Singular

The first thing that you need to know if you’re being accused of Domestic Violence is that this may not be a stand-alone charge. It is very common to have different elements of the accusations made against you lumped under various penal codes, thereby leaving you with multiple charges to defend yourself against.

Brief Summary Of Possible Charges You May Be Facing?

  • Battery Penal Code Section 242
  • Criminal Threats Penal Code Section 422
  • Corporal Injury Resulting In A Traumatic Condition Section 273.5
  • Domestic Violence (various sections of Penal Code (sections 240-248) (273-275.75)

The Effects Of A Domestic Violence Charge

The ripple effects of a Domestic Violence charge can and will reverberate throughout all aspects of your daily life.  That means that this charge may affect your personal, social and professional life.  Everything that offers you your existing quality of life can change in an instant.  It is important to protect yourself, your family and your reputation by ensuring that you fight to clear your name and get the best possible legal outcome so as to begin to mend your present and guarantee that you have a solid foundation for your future. It’s important to speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

Get Help With Your Domestic Violence Charges

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