California Criminal Defense

Have you have recently been accused of a crime? As the accused,  you have the unequivocal right to speak to an attorney, as such, be prepared to exercise that right and speak to an attorney as quickly as possible following your arrest. Law enforcement may use specific language that leads you to believe that speaking […]

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Are You Facing Domestic Violence Accusations In California?


What Exactly Is Domestic Violence? Under the laws of the state of California, Domestic Violence is considered to be the criminal act of an individual against someone in a specific familial or intimate relationship such as their: spouse, former spouse, a roommate, former roommate (cohabitant), a person with whom the accused has a child-in-common or […]

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What Happens If My DUI Also Caused an Injury?

Attorney For DUI That Caused Injuries

An Injury As A Result Of Your DUI If you are recently pulled over and charged with DUI in California, you have many different things to worry about and chief among them should be finding an experienced and knowledgeable Cucamonga criminal defense attorney who can help you with the legal aspects of your case. Criminal […]

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Can I Still Go to College If A Have A Juvenile Criminal Record?

Attorney For Juvenile Crimes in Cucamonga

What You Need To Know About Juvenile Convictions In California While a juvenile won’t have as many severe consequences as an adult for most crimes in California, a charge does raise concerns about attending college. If you have been accused of juvenile crimes in the state of California, one of the first questions you should […]

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Can I Expunge My Previous Criminal Conviction Because Marijuana Is Now Legal in California?


California Marijuana Law And Effect On Previous Conviction A number of different problems may have impacted you personally if you have a previous California marijuana possession conviction on your record. But since marijuana is now legal in California, you’re probably wondering whether or not your drug conviction can be expunged. This depends on your age […]

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