Life After a DUI: What Next?

Rancho Cucamonga DUI Lawyer

After a DUI arrest, it’s normal to wonder what to expect and what will be next for you. Anticipate a number of changes to your life and daily routine. However, if you’re prepared, you can make informed choices about how to handle the aftereffects of DUI charges. Here’s what you should know about what comes […]

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Steps You Need to Take If You Have Recently Been Accused of a Felony

To avoid having serious felony consequences follow you, you need to be aware of the steps below and retain an experienced attorney. First of all, exercise your right to remain silent wherever possible. The fifth amendment of the constitution gives everyone the right to refuse to incriminate themselves in criminal cases. The best way to […]

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What You Need to Know About Search and Seizure Laws in the State of California

Know your search and seizure rights in Rancho Cucamonga to help with your criminal defense.

Your Fourth amendment rights protect you from unreasonable searches and seizures taken by law enforcement. This implies to searches by state and local police that lead to criminal charges as well as federal law enforcement officials. Police do not have the rights to search you or your property unless one of the following conditions are […]

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When Does a Police Search Become Illegal?

Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Lawyer

A search conducted by police is a frightening experience that no one wants to go through. Many people mistakenly assume that all law enforcement officers have the authority to search their person and/or property. However, police officers have strict guidelines regarding when and under what circumstances they can conduct a search. Here’s what you need to know […]

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Did Your DUI Accident Hurt or Kill Someone?

Rancho Cucamonga DUI Causing Injury Lawyer

Drinking and driving is harshly punished in California. This is especially true if you get into a DUI accident that hurts or kills someone. One poor decision can cause you to lose your license, job, and relationships. Your life is at stake if sentenced to prison for vehicular manslaughter. If you are charged with DUI causing […]

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