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What You Should Know About Crime Trends in California

Any allegation of violent crime is a serious matter. If more people are concerned about violent crimes, police officers might dedicate more of a presence to responding to these reports. When more government resources are directed towards responding to and accusing people of violent crimes, it’s critical for anyone who has been accused to get […]

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The Basics of Appealing a Conviction

get help with a Cucamonga criminal appeal

If you have recently been convicted of a crime, it’s natural to be concerned about what to do following that. A not guilty verdict will typically end a criminal case. This means that the prosecution is unable to appeal an acquittal. However, the case is not necessarily over if you have received a guilty verdict. […]

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How Can Allegations of a Criminal Offense Affect You in the Future?

if you've been accused of a crime you need a talented lawyer

The biggest reason you want an experienced criminal defender on your side when you’re accused of something is because of the future consequences. Handling the initial penalties for the crime is rarely where it ends for someone convicted- they may feel as though it’s hard or impossible to shake the impacts of a criminal record. […]

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What Can Be Expunged from Your Criminal Record in California?

learn how to expunge your record in CA

Most people want to avoid a criminal record in the first place if they can. That’s because if you’re convicted of a crime, future employers, landlords, and others may be able to see this information in your history. But what happens if you were already convicted of something and you’re still worried about how it […]

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Most Common Felony Charges in California

know the most commonly charged felonies in California

Any crime carries consequences if you end up facing a conviction. The important thing to remember is that at the outset of your case, there are things you’re in control of, such as your choice of criminal defense attorney. When you choose someone who has handled cases like yours before, there’s a much higher chance […]

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