Call for Case Consultation

Have you have recently been accused of a crime?

As the accused,  you have the unequivocal right to speak to an attorney, as such, be prepared to exercise that right and speak to an attorney as quickly as possible following your arrest. Law enforcement may use specific language that leads you to believe that speaking to them during the course of your arrest is in your best interest, understand that this is not always the case. You must preserve your rights by asking to speak to an attorney as early as possible.

What Is The Impact Of Your Arrest?

An arrest implies criminality, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Having an arrest on your record may cause issues down the road with potential employers, educational opportunities and more. Having to explain an incident that you want nothing more than to put behind you, can interfere with your quality of life and comfort in each instance that it resurfaces in the future. It is important to meet your charges head-on with an experienced Criminal Defense attorney who can work on your behalf to ensure a better outlook for your immediate situation as well as your future.

Can Your Charges Be Dropped?

Recognizing that Cucamonga authorities have a choice about whether or not to pursue a criminal case can empower your attorney to open this conversation by sharing weaknesses about the prosecution’s evidence that could be raised by your criminal defense. While it is not always going to be possible for your criminal defense attorney to get the charges dropped altogether. It could raise reasonable doubt in the eyes of the prosecutors about their own ability to win the case and could lead to lesser charges.

In all of these circumstances, it falls to your criminal defense attorney to analyze the evidence, sit down with you and discuss the facts of your arrest, communicate with the authorities on your behalf and to prepare you for the criminal process. All of these services are extremely important when you are dealing with the burden of being accused of any crime, misdemeanor or felony.