Getting an Honest Appraisal of Your Criminal Defense Case in California


Being accused of a crime is no doubt a frustrating and potentially overwhelming experience but it’s one that can be made even more difficult if you don’t have the right criminal defense attorney representing you.

Your lawyer should be upfront with you and should not try to convince you that you have nothing to worry about in your case- that’s often not accurate and might even give you false hope. The lawyer who tells it to you straight will help you figure out what’s really necessary in terms of crafting a defense. Your lawyer is an important asset and one you should choose carefully.

There are many different things to look for when managing your criminal defense case and one of the most important has to do with identifying whether or not the lawyer you are speaking with will give you an honest appraisal of your case. In order to make decisions about your future such as whether to accept the plea bargain or to pursue opportunities to minimize the potential criminal charges in your case, you need to be informed about the options available to you. If your attorney is promising you a guaranteed outcome, this is a major red flag that should prompt you to end the relationship immediately and hire a qualified Cucamonga defense lawyer immediately.

No lawyer should be promising you an outcome given that there are so many different potential factors in your case. After you have scheduled a consultation with an attorney, he or she should review the evidence and explain the circumstances of your charges in fuller detail to you. At this time you should get a sense of how that individual attorney works and what you can expect if you hire him or her. An honest appraisal of your situation and recommendations about what you should do next to protect your interests are crucial in determining whether or not this is the right lawyer for you. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first criminal defense attorney you identify if he or she has not given you an honest review of the circumstances in your case and what you should pursue.