Most Common Felony Charges in California


Any crime carries consequences if you end up facing a conviction. The important thing to remember is that at the outset of your case, there are things you’re in control of, such as your choice of criminal defense attorney. When you choose someone who has handled cases like yours before, there’s a much higher chance you’ll be able to fight off these charges and avoid penalties and a criminal record. Wait too long, however, and the stakes are much higher. Many of the most commonly charged crimes are those that people suspect are not that serious, putting them in a dangerous situation as they proceed with a criminal defense strategy.

Being accused of a misdemeanor or a felony is an unnerving experience that prompts most Rancho Cucamonga residents to get help from an attorney who has practiced in this area for years. Some of the most common crimes committed throughout California that stretch between misdemeanors and felonies are drug charges. The number of convicts serving time for crimes related to drugs in recent years has been declining due to the legalization of marijuana. Furthermore, it made many drug crimes that were previously categorized as felonies into misdemeanors. However, felony drug charges are some of the most common and serious. Burglary charges are another type of common felony assessed throughout Rancho Cucamonga.

Often believed to involve simply theft, burglary does not have to do with actually taking something from another person but rather entering someone else’s property for the purpose of committing a felony crime or stealing. In certain high-level theft cases, felony charges may also apply. If you have been accused of robbery, sex crimes, burglary or any other type of serious felony allegation, you need to respond quickly. The police are likely to have already begun investigating the circumstances of your alleged actions and arrest to fight as hard as possible to get you convicted and put you behind bars. Due to the significant consequences levied against convicted felons in the state of California, you need to protect your future and your record from these charges if at all possible.