If you were charged with a crime of any kind, you may be confused, angry, and frightened. It may be unclear what your rights are or who you should turn to in a situation like this. Seasoned legal representation is of the utmost importance when facing criminal charges; however, there are many advantages to working with a former prosecutor.

1. Anticipate the Prosecution’s Moves

A former prosecutor has a unique insight into the world of criminal prosecution and has had the experience of deciding when to file charges, what charges need to be filed, and if the charges should be dismissed in a variety of cases. A defense attorney with experience as a prosecutor understands how a prosecutor forms a legal strategy and can anticipate the prosecution’s moves during each stage of the case.

2. More Experience in the Courtroom

Few attorneys try more cases in court than a prosecutor. A former prosecutor is completely comfortable in the courtroom, having been there many times on the other side of the aisle.

3. More Experience Gathering Evidence

The burden of proof on a criminal prosecutor is higher than any other case, so it stands to reason that a former prosecutor will be extremely adept at gathering and bringing forward evidence. A criminal defense attorney with prosecution experience will know what type of evidence is most likely to be successful in your case and how to present it to the jury.

4. Knowledge of Officials in the Area

A prosecutor spends a great deal of time with area officials, including law enforcement and judges. A defense attorney with prosecution experience can use his or her knowledge of officials in the area to benefit your defense.

5. Insider Experience With a Legal Edge

A former prosecutor has inside experience that can be very valuable to your case. With an intimate knowledge of how prosecutors try a case and how they succeed, your attorney can use this to give your case a legal edge that cannot be provided by an attorney without that same experience.

Joshua P. Visco is a skilled Orange County criminal defense attorney with several years of prosecutorial experience under his belt. He has knowledge of the prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officials in the area, and understands how the criminal system in California works. His expertise and resources can give you the strong defense you need to come out ahead.

Attorney Visco will investigate your case fully to determine what evidence can be used in your favor. He will work to anticipate the moves of the prosecution and challenge their strategy head-on in a way that only a former prosecutor can. With your future on the line, you can’t afford to gamble with an inexperienced criminal defense attorney.

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