What Is the Three Strikes Law in California?


Do you know whether or not a current allegation against you of a crime would trigger the three strikes law in the state of California? No matter what type of criminal allegation you are facing, you deserve to have the experience and support of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. The three strikes laws are used […]

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How Can I Defend Myself Against False Allegations of Child Abuse?

Being accused of child abuse in California is a nerve wracking experience. This is particularly because in light of the current litigious environment in a divorce or even as a daycare provider or babysitter, you can find yourself facing serious accusations of child abuse with very little proof. Regardless of this lack of proof, being […]

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Will a California Felony Show Up on Your Credit Report?

Have you already been convicted of a felony? Did you handle the penalties linked to that conviction and now you just want to move on so you can put this issue behind you? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who live through this kind of experience are looking for a way to put their […]

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What Is Exploitation In California?


Have you been accused or are under investigation for any kind of sex crime? If this describes your situation, you can’t afford to wait too long to get help from a lawyer. Only a defense attorney knows the possible impact on your record of any sex crime allegation, and that’s true of exploitation, too. Not […]

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What Do You Need to Know About Attempted Murder Charges in California?

Any type of allegation that you have physically harmed someone else is a serious one and should be handled by a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. If you have been accused of attempted murder, it becomes even more important for you to identify an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you to put together a […]

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