What You Need to Know About Grand Theft In Orange County


If you are facing charges of grand theft, your future may be compromised. Besides facing heavy jail time, you will have a permanent criminal record for the rest of your life if you are convicted. Other consequences may include community service, fines and restitution, and damage to your career and relationships. Don’t take a chance — contact an experienced Orange County grand theft attorney today to start building a strong defense.

1. What Is Grand Theft?

In California, grand theft can be charged for any theft where the value of the item(s) stolen exceeds $950. There are a few types of grand theft:

Grand theft by larceny: Grand theft by larceny can be charged when you take another person’s physical property. Examples include stealing someone’s jewelry or an expensive phone.

Grand theft by trick: Grand theft by trick can be charged when someone gives someone else possession over something, but they did not give someone formal ownership of the item.

Grand theft by false pretense: This can be charged in cases where someone uses deceit to obtain property.

Grand theft by embezzlement: Embezzlement can be charged in cases where someone who was entrusted to property used or stole the property through fraud.

Grand theft can be charged when less than $950 worth of items are taken if one of the following instances takes place: firearm use, stealing an automobile, and/or stealing property that was on an individual’s person at the time of the crime.

2. Grand Theft Is a Wobbler Crime

In many states, grand theft is automatically considered a felony. However, in California, the crime is considered a “wobbler.” Depending on the value of what was taken and the circumstances surrounding the crime, a judge can decide to charge the crime as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

The punishment for a grand theft misdemeanor is one year incarceration in a county jail. If grand theft is charged as a felony, the defendant could face between 16 months and three years imprisonment. If you are convicted of grand theft with a firearm, a “strike” could be put on your permanent criminal record.

When to Contact an Experienced Orange County Grand Theft Attorney

It is important that you take the criminal charges against you seriously and get legal assistance as soon as possible. Never offer information to law enforcement or make a statement without first consulting with an attorney. Invoke your right to an Orange County grand theft attorney immediately.

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