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Have you been accused or are under investigation for any kind of sex crime? If this describes your situation, you can’t afford to wait too long to get help from a lawyer. Only a defense attorney knows the possible impact on your record of any sex crime allegation, and that’s true of exploitation, too. Not only does this harm your ability to get a job or apartment in the future based on just the allegation, but the conviction can be damaging for life.

Any type of serious California sex crime allegation should prompt you to pick up the phone and to schedule a call with an experienced attorney. A California exploitation defense attorney should be ready to spring into action to prepare a compelling defense on your behalf. The term exploitation of a minor is most frequently used in relation to allegations of a sexual exploitation of a child by an adult through means of threats, coercion or violence. Other types of offenses that fall under the sex crimes umbrella include child pornography, child prostitution, human trafficking, and child trafficking. The definition of exploitation refers to the cruel or unjust utilization of one person for the benefit of others. Charges of child exploitation can lead to significant penalties and harm to your reputation.

A conviction based on the commercial sexual exploitation of a child held in a federal court, for example, could lead to a prison sentence that could go as long as life imprisonment. Your only opportunity to avoid maximum penalties for a child exploitation charge is to engage your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Since this is likely the most important case of your life, you cannot afford to make mistakes or have challenges and problems in the pursuit of justice. Your reputation and freedom are on the line as being convicted, even in the best case scenario, could require you to register as a sex offender; a problem this will follow you for many years to come. Educate yourself by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after being accused.