What Accused People Must Know About The Felony Process In California


Dealing with any felony charge is overwhelming and this can be a frightening experience if you don’t have the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney working in California will be able to explain to you what is on the line in terms of your freedom and future consequences.

A felony charge means jail time is on the line. With the high stakes connected to the outcome of your criminal defense case, make sure you talk through everything with a lawyer. Be cautious about answering officer questions after you’ve been accused and charged, because all of the statements you make can utlimately be used against you as the prosecution builds their case.

The support of a knowledgeable Cucamonga criminal defense attorney can help you to avoid catastrophic consequences such as a criminal record and other problems that might follow you for years to come.  It is important to understand the felony process in California.  This is a crime that can be punishable by imprisonment for 16 months or longer in state prison or punishable by death.  Felony cases begin in the lower courts and can then be moved over to superior courts.  Misdemeanors, however, are handled in lower courts and do not go to superior court.  Felonies are considered much more serious crimes in comparison to misdemeanors, which is why the consequences are that much more severe.

Some common examples of felonies in California including arson, murder, burglary, robbery, and rape.  Some misdemeanors can also be elevated to felony status, particularly if they involve battery, street gang activity, a hit and run accident, embezzlement, domestic violence, fraud, second-degree burglary, forging a prescription, vandalism, and many other offenses.  There are also felony DUI offenses that can be accessed against a person in California.  If you’ve already been accused in a crime, it is essential to find an attorney you can trust immediately.