Legal Protection Against Serious Violent Crimes Charges


Violent crimes, such as murder, attempted murder, burglary/robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon, are frightening to be charged with. If you or a loved one are charged with or are being investigated for a violent crime, don’t wait to get legal help. Your future depends on it.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

Often, California state prosecutors will begin compiling evidence against you before they make an arrest. Unlike DUI arrests or other arrests when law enforcement officers “catch” you in the wrong, it can take weeks or months for prosecutors to gather enough evidence to warrant an arrest. Most people considered a “person of interest” in a violent crime case will be questioned by police. Or, they will know that they are being investigated in connection with a crime. This is when you need to hire an attorney. Do not wait until a formal arrest.

What Will an Attorney Do for Me?

In a violent crime case, evidence is crucial. However, law enforcement officers must follow regulations regarding evidence collection. Illegal search and seizure may turn up damning evidence. However, the evidence can be thrown out if it was obtained illegally. Your lawyer will ensure your rights are protected during the investigation. Also, your attorney makes sure that evidence illegally obtained is not used against you.

Negotiating Lower Charges

When the state’s evidence against you is overwhelming and a jury will likely find a “guilty” verdict, your attorney will work with prosecutors to negotiate lower charges. For example, instead of murder, your attorney might negotiate a manslaughter charge, which carries less harsh penalties.

At Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense, we understand how life changing violent crime charges can be. Our commitment is to provide you with aggressive legal advocacy no matter what crime you are charged with. We’ll zealously fight to protect your rights under the law. We will exhaust every option to see that the charges against you are reduced, dropped, or that you are found “not guilty.”

Don’t let a violent crime charge steal your life away from you. Contact our office today for more information about fighting violent crime charges by calling 909-689-4292.