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Being accused of child abuse in California is a nerve wracking experience. This is particularly because in light of the current litigious environment in a divorce or even as a daycare provider or babysitter, you can find yourself facing serious accusations of child abuse with very little proof.

Regardless of this lack of proof, being accused of child abuse has big implications for your professional career and how people perceive you personally. It is important to retain a Cucamonga criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss the specific charges. Child abuse can take numerous different forms, including physical abuse, neglect, family violence, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

Under California penal code section 273(d), you could be convicted of child abuse and face up to six years in prison. This can destroy your family, your reputation and freedom. Unfortunately, child abuse laws can be abused themselves, particularly when it comes to light that someone has been accused of child abuse with false allegations.

You need a knowledgeable Cucamonga criminal defense attorney to help you immediately. Allegations of child abuse frequently arise out of matrimonial or family conflict. Injuries sustained by children not related to abuse can also be misconstrued as instances of physical abuse. Teachers, social workers and doctors, for example, might report a suspicious injury or bruise for a child which means that you are inappropriately accused of child abuse.

Other complicated issues, such as a parent’s right to discipline and injuries that may have been caused by accidents should prompt you to retain a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in protecting the reputation and freedom of someone falsely accused of child abuse.