Unless your accident was caused partly or in full by another person or a company, you do not have case. Still unsure? Call 1-800-4-INJURY.

What You Need to Know About Grand Theft In Orange County

If you are facing charges of grand theft, your future may be compromised. Besides facing heavy jail time, you will have a permanent criminal record for the rest of your life if you are convicted. Other consequences may include community service, fines and restitution, and damage to your career and relationships. Don’t take a chance — […]

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California Wobbler Crimes: Misdemeanor or Felony?

When you’re charged with a crime, your future is in the hands of someone else, and you could face serious penalties like jail time and heavy fines. While some crimes are clearly a felony or a misdemeanor under California law, other crimes can be charged either way depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime. These […]

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Orange County Domestic Violence Facts You Need to Know

Being accused of domestic violence is serious and requires that you take action immediately. If you are convicted, you stand to face harsh penalties, and the charges can affect your reputation, your career and your relationships. Don’t wait to get help if you are suspected of committing domestic violence. Contact a skilled Orange County domestic […]

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5 Benefits a Former Prosecutor Can Bring to Your Case

If you were charged with a crime of any kind, you may be confused, angry, and frightened. It may be unclear what your rights are or who you should turn to in a situation like this. Seasoned legal representation is of the utmost importance when facing criminal charges; however, there are many advantages to working […]

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Orange County Sex Crimes Punishments

The punishments for sex crimes in California are strict and often result in many years in prison and mandatory sex offender registration. How a sex crime is punished in Orange County depends on the crime, the age of the victim, any mandatory minimum sentencing that may apply, and any other pertinent facts of the case. […]

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