Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney vs. a Public Defender


Picture being charged with a criminal violation. In a situation as possibly life-changing as this, should one leave their future in the hands of a public defender? Or would it be wiser to trust a professional criminal defense lawyer with the case? Here’s what you need to know about the differences between an experienced criminal defense attorney and a public defender.

Public Defenders Are Often Overloaded With Casework

The solution should be clear, but frequently it is not. A skilled criminal defense attorney brings expertise and focus that most public defenders would not have time or resources to handle effectively. For instance, public defense attorneys are often overworked and burdened with excessive caseloads. This is because the American Bar Association urges a variety of misdemeanor and felony cases per public defender each year. Unfortunately, those case loads are typically doubled and tripled at the expense of the defendants.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Be More Involved in a Case

With an overload of casework, public defenders may not be able to supply in-depth legal representation or special consideration. However, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can. In many cases, public defenders can’t utilize creative strategies. On the other hand, a professional criminal defense attorney with knowledge of the intricacies of criminal law has the ability to evaluate the facts of every case and offer customized guidance.

Public Defenders May Not Have Time to Meet With Their Clients

In many cases, a public defender might not be able to meet with their clients before appearing in court. However, a criminal defense lawyer provides a degree of support during the entire judicial procedure. Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer provides information regarding available alternatives, which a public defender may not be aware of.

Your lawyer understanding which steps to take and how to take them could mean the difference between a potential dismissal of all charges and an undeserved jail sentence. It’s important that you consider your future when deciding who will defend you after an arrest. Contact Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyer Joshua P. Visco today to learn more about how you can aggressively fight the charges against you and increase the chances that you receive a favorable result in your case. Call now at 909-689-4292.